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We are allnex

Since its founding over 70 years ago, the allnex coating resins company has been helping make a difference for clients across the world. With our constant innovations and regularly updated product portfolio, we can offer unique benefits in increasingly environmentally friendly ways. Our independence makes us a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers around the world. Our goal is to listen to our clients and exceed their expectations.

The architectural powder coating resin product range is an important part of the allnex portfolio. We supply resins for various applications including windows, doors, verandas, conservatories, sunshades, shutters, railings, handrails and much more. Our powder coating resins can be applied directly to the substrate and have extremely high weathering and chemical resistance. We work tirelessly to update our technology. Our resins are designed to cure with all key crosslinkers, and our experts are available now to help you find the solution to your specific challenges.

An allnex expert is available to help you right now. Use our contact form to speak to one of our team members and find out how allnex can help your business become more competitive.

Enviromentally Responsibility

The allnex brand works hard to innovate in environmentally responsible ways. With 23 research and development facilities around the world, we are consistently updating our technologies. We strive not only to meet industry regulations in every country, but we also aim to exceed them. Powder coating resins are applied electrostatically, melted and cured by heat and in many cases, without any need for primers. Some advanced ultra-low bake powder coatings can be cured by UV irradiation. The powder coating application process releases almost no volatile organic compounds. It is also very easy to collect excess powder coating, therefore minimizing waste. This makes the overall process much more eco-friendly, yet still offers the highest quality finish. Our products can help you achieve a great finish with:

Very environmental friendly

High heat and chemical resistance

Powder coating enhances the appeal and longevity

High weathering durability and chemical resistance

Meet our team

Architectural Powder Coating Resins team

With such a broad portfolio of products, we need a powder coating resins team that understands how your challenges are unique, and which of our technologies would be your ideal solution. With team members around the world, you can be assured we will answer any questions quickly and accurately. To make life even easier, we are so confident of our product quality, we will send you free samples so you can see the results for yourself. With no commitment needed, there is zero risk for you to contact our team today.

Meet our expert - Massimiliano Censi

Massimiliano serves as our technical service and development representative for powder coating resins, and he is here to help you. He has extensive experience in solid polyester resins chemistry and powder coating applications.

Contact Massimiliano directly and let him help your business grow to become more competitive in a constantly evolving industry. With his assistance, you can be assured to stay ahead of the game.

Allnex powder coatings Expert

Still not certain we have the technology you need? Simply request a free sample, and you can see the impressive results for yourself.

Product Selector for Architectural Powder Coating Resins