Beat the elements
Build with Allnex Architectural powder coating resins

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Beat the elements
Build with Allnex Architectural powder coating resins

Resins for every aspect of Architectural Powder Coatings

allnex offers a broad range of performance polyester resins for Architectural powder coatings designed to cure with all key crosslinkers. Our experts are available today to help you build with allnex.

The allnex Architectural palette

The CRYLCOAT® and SETAPOLL™ polyester product range from allnex offers architectural coating resins for all aspects of powder coatings meeting AAMA, GSB and Qualicoat specifications. Our architectural coating resin range is also designed to cure with all the major crosslinker groups: hydroxy-alkylamide (HAA), triglycidylisocyanurate (TGIC) and glycidylester.

Standard Durable

The vast majority of outdoor durable powder coatings is formulated by combining polyester resins either with triglycidylisocyanurate (TGIC, ARALDITE® PT 810) or β-hydroxyalkylamide (HAA, PRIMID® XL 552, TGIC free). As well as having an excellent balance of coating properties, they pass the 12 months gloss retention requirements on exposure to aggressive climates as in Florida and comply to quality standards required for architectural coatings of aluminum extrusions and profiles. Modern resins allow the reduction of curing temperature to 160°C for PRIMID low bake powders; TGIC systems can even reach down to 120°C. Saving energy and increasing productivity of low temperature cure powders are not the only important aspects; a further added value is the fast cure of coatings on massive substrates. Our comprehensive product portfolio will help you to identify the best option for your architectural powder project.


This group of polyester resins are by definition 3-5 times better in durability than Standard Durables at outdoor exposure and they are usually cured with the same hardeners. Trends in Architectural coatings for higher durability, improved corrosion resistance combined with appealing appearance are strong driving forces for development of new, modern polyester resins. Check our product selection for the options available.

Product Selector for Architectural Powder Coating Resins

Features and Benefits

allnex’s CRYLCOAT® and SETAPOLL™ architectural coating resins bring a number of key benefits to the powder coating formulator. As well as global availability and consistency of quality, our resins can help you to:


Coat key substrates:

steel & aluminium


Control gloss:

glossy and matt

weather icon

Control durability:

standard durable and superdurable


Improve formulation flexibility:

cure with range of crosslinkers

Polyester TGIC & HAA Crosslinkers

Chemistry, market dynamics and the future of TGIC free technology

Additive of Choice for your Architectural Coating Resin

Allnex MODAFLOW® Powder 6000  flow aid has been created to assist the powder coating manufacturer in offering the best looking powder coatings, including preventing craters, fish-eyes and orange peel texture. MODAFLOW® Powder 6000 is a silica dispersed, silicone-free flow promoter supplied with 65% active compound content. It greatly improves cross-compatibility of powder coatings and their DOI.


Defect Controller

MODAFLOW® Powder 6000More information

Significantly improve the appearance of your powder coating by:

    • Improving flow & levelling
    • Reducing orange peel
    • Increasing cross-compatibility between powder formulations

Whatever your customers coat, we have the right resin

Windows and Doors

Verandas and Conservatories

Sunshades and Shutters

Railings and Handrails

Advantages of Powder coating

Very environmental friendly

High heat and chemical resistance

Powder coating enhances the appeal and longevity

Powder coating can be applied directly to the substrate (primers not needed)

Re-useable powder coating overspray

Minimal powder coating waste

Powder coating is used to finish a vast variety of applications like architectural, furniture, agricultural and construction equipment, and household appliances.

Unlike liquid paints and coatings that are delivered through the evaporation of a solvent; powder coating is typically applied electrostatically, melted and cured under heat. Thermosetting powder coatings are usually based on functional, solid polyester resins as binder combined with hardeners, pigments and fillers. Modern polyester resins enable formulators to meet all requirements of high quality coatings in many application segments.

Applied as dry powders, the coatings are excellently suited for applications on metals like automobile parts, aluminum extrusions, household appliances, furniture as well as agricultural and construction equipment. Powder coatings show high heat, corrosion and chemical resistance, great hardness and flexibility. Furthermore, the coating process releases few to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) rendering powder coatings an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor applications. Excess powder can also be collected and re-used to minimize product waste and pollution of surrounding areas.

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